Work and leisure time combined in harmony

(Pictures are published in the German version – Please, press “Deutsch” here on the right side.) In addition to working during the week at Anura College, there are opportunities waiting at the weekend to provide insights, such as the art of woodcarving, a bit different from what you may have seen in the course of the German carpenter training.

That’s in the nature, or better, in the culture of things. An experienced old wood carver, whom his companion visits to give this impression to Christian, demonstrates his way of working and its results. That is what Christian is interested in, and he can discover differences in material, tools and working methods. The master likes to demonstrate his arts and crafts and voluntarily shows his skills to the young visitor.

His companion, the English teacher Wasantha, has planned more for Christian this weekend. Of course, the German gets to know his family, wife and three sons, and together they go to some places, far away from the tourist “sightseeing”. The large rainforest, not so far from the civilization of Matara, lets you experience pure nature with huge trees, rare plants, beautiful flowers and wild, powerful waterfalls. A picnic is prepared, and immediately “sudu uncle” – the white uncle – is involved and is given much more information about flora and fauna. A really impressive experience … .with friendly people who welcomed him and let him into their lives and showed great hospitality.