Visit of Jamburegode Maha Vidyalaya

The focus of our association’s work is on Anura College and Rohana Special School, but sometimes we are given the chance of visiting other schools in this area although we must refrain of starting new projects there. First reason, we don’t have enough money anymore for projects in other schools, and we better concentrate on the current projects to aim at a lasting long-term effect.

What we can always do, is to bring along some hundreds of ball-pens, highly appreciated little gift for students and teachers. Thanks to free gifts from banks and companies we can do that at least.
So, our president Bernd Mertgen and I, we visited „Jamburegoda Maha Vidyalaya“, a college, several miles north of Weligama in a remote area. School equipment is modest, difficult to ask for more, which means that often students leave this school after grade 5-exams or after O-level-exams to go to schools that might be better equipped and offer more chances.
We were welcomed in a very friendly way by the only English teacher who showed us around. She had visited this school as a student, and later, after her studies, came back to “her” school as a teacher. It was obvious to see how much she loves this place, her facial expression, her pride,…gave proof of the bond of affection between her and her school where clean and child-friendly premises dominate. There is a library that should be equipped with some more chairs and tables; the natural science department needs some more devices. But atmosphere and spirit in this school seem to be excellent. For most schools this is a sound basis where children can grow up, develop and flourish. But some more governmental or private help will not be refused!