Very busy days – and lots of joy for scholarship students

The first chairman of the Neuwied-Matara Friendship Association has been staying in Sri Lanka since the end of January, where he has many contact points, because this island has been his destination for many decades, long before the disastrous tsunami in 2004. But it predestined him of course to be involved in charity work, because he knows a lot about the island and, of course, likes to stay in Matara, where the Friendship Association has been managing its projects for more than 14 years, and it’s just great if every now and then someone is on the spot to check projects and look after them thoroughly.
Several new godchildren have joined the scholarship programme last year and at the beginning of 2019. Fortunately, sponsors could be found again in Neuwied and in the surrounding area, who know that sponsorships should last and be continued at least for some years in order to ensure sustainable help and to increase the chances of a good education.
Mr. Mertgen is not alone. He is accompanied by a longtime friend and member of our association, Mr. Harald Hochgräfe, who also loves Sri Lanka, which has become his second home country. He spends almost half of the year on the island, alternating with stays in Germany. He accompanies Mr. Mertgen on his visit to Anura College, sings a German song for the Anura students and helps with plans for improvement in school itself.
A computer lab could be set up with the help of a teacher’s husband who could provide used – but still functional – PCs. So, maybe, some of the godchildren, whose German godparents have an email address, of course, can learn to communicate with them in this way. There seems to be some progress even in these little things!
The President has a few letters and presents in his luggage and gladly hands them over to the lucky recipients. Many thanks to the teachers Mrs. Isha, Mr. Wasantha and Mrs. Tekla, who warmly welcome and support the German visitors. There are also discussions with the Venerable High Priest, who always has his wish list in mind which includes the progress and the structural and pedagogical improvement of his school. Everything will be noted and discussed, and on his return to Germany, the President will give a benevolent presentation and debate to the Board on the new plans. Help will certainly be continued.