Turn the hose on and let the water flow !

(see pictures in German version by pressing button “Deutsch” on the right side) The new house, which the Friendship-Association-Neuwied-Matara has built for the godchild Ushana, her father and four sisters, has been occupied since spring 2019 and was visited and inspected by our 2nd chairman Edeltrud Pinger last June. Many new bits of furniture could be bought by donations, beds, shelves, tables, chairs, … and a lot of things that you need for the household. One problem had not yet been solved: the water supply, an essential necessity, but caused by the location of the house, there were enormous problems. So the neighbours helped out for a long time, and showering, washing clothes, washing dishes, … were a big challenge for the five girls and their father. Now finally the problem could be solved.
The water supply from a somewhat remote well had to be done through pipes, a powerful pump and a large water tank. This has been accomplished in the last few weeks, and so the family can now experience the luxury of having running water in their own home. Another small quantum leap! Thanks to the supporters and financiers from Germany!

The four new godchildren who received their support from their German godparents for the first time last month are happy and thankful. Young Akesh has painted a beautiful picture that shows an idyll in Sri Lanka for his godfather Rainer to thank him for his support. At first glance, one might have guessed a lucky pig, but no, it is probably an overjoyed, but just pink elephant!
The teacher, Mrs. Isha, has again encouraged the godchildren to write letters to their German godparents that are now on their way to Germany in a big envelope. We are waiting with excitement and look forward to the mail from the Indian Ocean.