First floor “is growing” fast

Even in Germany we can watch the new building of the first floor on top of the little library growing continuously. Our coordinator in Matara, Mr. Ruwan Abegundewardene, regularly sends a picture and his report. Thank you so much, dear Ruwan, for this service. So, we needn’t be worried about the end of work end of July and the opening in August 2015.

Our members and friends – and all those who want to join us (and why not do so?) – are kindly asked to give us some support by donations. (Account number of our bank was published in our last article.) Thank you so much for your concern and help.

Anura Vidyalaya: Construction work in progress

According to our plans, construction work started in February at Anura College to build the first floor on top of the library. Our coordinator in Matara, Mr. Ruwan Abegunewardene, sent us this photograph to show us how building work is going on. He is responsible for supervision and cares for all activities on the spot. We are particularly happy and thankful for a donation given by the state government of Rhineland Palatinate that helps us to increase a bit our cash resources. Besides, we would be very happy to get some more support by generous donors to finish this project free of debt.
So, if you were willing to contribute some money to our project, we – and particularly students of Anura Vidyalaya – would enjoy your generosity which leads to better quality of school education in that place. Thanks a lot.
(–> Freundeskreis Neuwied-Matara, IBAN DE58 574501200030041800)
We will keep you up-to-date.