Special guests from Germany at Anura College:

The President of the Neuwied-Matara Friendship Association is in Sri Lanka, in the city of Matara in the south of the island, and was warmly welcomed to Anura College. He had a few small gifts for godchildren in his luggage, letters and photos and of course a framed photo of our manager and son of Matara, Mr. Sagara Abegundewardene, who died on New Year and will be given a place of honour at the school. After all, it was he who established contact with Anura College about 9 years ago and initiated many things, which gave the school a great boost and gave the students a significantly improved learning environment. This work has been continued to this day and supports grateful teachers, parents, and students.
The first chairman, along with another member of the Friendship Association, will meet teachers, students – including many godchildren – and of course the “boss,” senior monk Tissamaharamaye Indananda Himi. He heads the Manthinda Temple School and Anura College and does valuable, student-fostering, pedagogical work and encourages his staff to do the same.
The preschool is run excellently, and the visitors were able to see how well the new game apparatus given by the preschool protectress, I. D. Princess Sophie Charlotte zu Wied, is accepted by the preschool students.
The president’s to-do list is long. There are the visits of the construction projects (see previous article), the discussion with the school management about another construction project that, one day, might help the school – depending on the financial possibilities and the willingness to donate of many supporters of the Friendship Association – to have its own auditorium and maybe, an own small Anura-boarding school, which will give advantage and relief to those students who have to spend up to seven hours a day on their way to and back home from school.
So, if you want to support our work and our projects, please, go ahead and don’t hesitate! We can still use a lot of help here. Bohome istuti = thank you! (www.tsunami-kinder-matara.de)