School vacation after second term

(Please, see pictures in the German version by pressing “Deutsch” on the right side.) Today is the end of schooling after the second trimester of the school year. There were again “reports”, that is, certificates that already show whether results have already improved after the first certificate at the beginning of April. Our godchildren take special care because they can now take part regularly in the usual “tuition lessons”, a kind of support courses in many subjects by the monthly scholarship money of their German godparents and thus, their grades in the term tests – ie at exams or classwork at the end of a trimester – can be better. And luckily we are repeatedly told that it is so. Great!

We are very happy about the new teacher, who since the beginning of this school year, since January, has been able to teach computer science or, perhaps more realistically, how to handle the PC. How can I send an email to Germany? Mr. Srimal will now help the godchildren set up an email address and send small messages in English to the German godparents, as their email addresses are all available.

Teacher Mrs. Isha has put a lot of effort into setting up the computer lab and trying to make it as useful as possible for the students. The beautiful, but due to its construction unfortunately very warm room has a fan, but it does not bring much, since there are no open windows as in the other classrooms. The air conditioning, which was there, has been so defective for months, that actually only a new one can help, but again there is the problem of money. The Neuwied-Matara Friendship Association has already provided 20,000 rupees, about 100 €, but that’s not enough, and there’s not much to expect from the school administration right now. Maybe there will be some more donations if this article is read here. That would be really great.

Mr. Ajith, his wife and three children are making progress in the small construction that started in June. With eleven people in a confined space, that’s really no condition anymore. And so he staked out the small piece of land that he may call his own and laid the four foundation stones in the presence of the 2nd chairwoman Edeltrud Pinger. 500 € were enough to get stones, cement, lintels and wood. Maybe there are also a few second-hand windows and doors in it. For a solid corrugated iron roof we may need another 200 €. We hope that it will become possible.

Chamodi (17) and Vinod (23) have been living in the new house built by the German Friendship Association for several months. After the death of their mother and a short time later of their father, they were left with nothing, so that the friends from Germany became active. Furniture was still a few available or were given by relatives. Vinod himself was able to sand down and paint a wooden sofa, two chairs and table in the living room, so that the German friends now donated some beautiful cushions. The plastic packaging will probably remain for a long time to protect the valuable parts.

Home economist Ms Tekla already received a small contribution to renew cables that hungry mice or other rodents had bitten through on their laptop and speaker cords. You have to choose a safer storage place now!

There is still much to do and we will continue. In one house the water supply is still missing, in the other one, because of the narrowness, one more room should be built.  A normal toilet seat is badly needed, because the cancer-stricken father can no longer use the customary toile in his house, and, and, and, ……

Who can and wants to support us … just go ahead!
We are happy about every small and large donation to the Neuwied-Matara-Friendship-Association. IBAN: DE 58 57450120 00 3004 1800