Pleasant visit from Germany – Achini meets her sponsor

(For pictures, please, press button “Deutsch” here on the right side!) Mr. Josef from Germany visits his godchild Achini at Anura College: It’s great to have such a visit on an ordinary Tuesday at school. Suddenly, the godfather from Germany stands in front of the classroom and visits his godchild, whom he has been looking after for two years already. Letters were written, photos exchanged, ….but a personal visit, that is something very special and does not occur in every sponsorship. Mr. Josef has always wanted to know how and where and exactly who he has been helping for a long time. So, he has just booked a trip to Sri Lanka, had already wonderful experiences in the last week on his tour around the Island, and now, the most important thing is happening: he can meet his godchild, and of course, he also visits her at home with her mother. Everything is well organized, and the coordinating teacher, Mr. Wasantha, picks up Mr. Josef at the train station – usual delay of the train included – takes him to school, introduces him to the senior monk, and then they are off for the 7th grade-classroom, where, today, Achini is the main character and cannot believe that this is true. After class, they go home, meeting Achini’s mother, who welcomes the guest in her modest home. Josef looks around and discovers quickly where help is needed: at least a folding bed should be given – because there is no room for a normal bed – so that Achini does not have to sleep on the floor anymore. A small desk was already given to her by her godfather last year. So, school work can be done reasonably already – and now she will even sleep comfortably! This is and will remain the best surprise and joy for the upcoming New Year celebration in Sri Lanka in the middle of April. Bohome istuti! – Many thanks, Mr. Josef!