Rohana Special School

Rohana Special School is a school for deaf students and those who have hearing defects, blind or partially sighted students or children with Down’s syndrome.
This school impressed us in a particular way: well organized, clean and tidy, well-trained teachers coping with the students’ handicaps in a special and affectionate way. Founded in 1963, now there are about 120 children, half of them living in the hostel. When we first visited this school, we noticed the lack of rooms, lessons took even place on stair landings, and there was no room for meetings or assemblies.

So, our association started help in summer 2009, planning a building with an assembly hall on the ground floor and five smaller classrooms on the first floor. An inheritance that was given as a generous donation to Neuwied-Matara-Friendship-Association enabled us to carry out construction works in short time and the building was opened in January 2010 by the Lord Mayor of Neuwied, Mr. Roth, and more members of the association and many guests.

Every year members of the association visit this school, donate a new coat of paint here and there, give some presents to the children and enjoy an atmosphere of satisfaction and gratitude. For deaf students, who like dance and music as much as their hearing school-friends, we ordered to build an extraordinary stage in the assembly hall, made of special soft wood that serves as a soundboard reflecting sounds by vibration. That helps them to feel the music and to dance with joy and passion.

School Anthem

Without receiving love, we have won the world,
without eyes, we have seen the beauty, without ears, we have heard the sound.
We are the Rohana children, we are the heroes of Rohana.
Great thoughts and dreams are in our hearts.
We will always be first, never second.
In the past was only loneliness, but now luck and energy unite us all.
Our heroes developed our country, and the determination in our hearts,
It shall lead us down these same roads, until the flowers blossom with sweetness.
Our dear Mother Rohana, please praise the paths we choose,
Encourage us by giving brightness, and light to our minds.