New Sound-system and curtains – more improvements by German friendship association

The nice new library is not only a place where students can read, work, study,….but also a suitable room to store new books, but particularly precious old books of old Manthinda library, and they should be treated in a way that helps them to survive as long as possible. But environmental influence, extreme humidity, wind, rain, dust and air pollution from the roads around the school premises, are a big problem, which can damage the books and makes it difficult to protect them. You cannot close the library completely by windows, because there must be good ventilation. So, some good curtains, at least, might help to avoid worse results.

Both presidents of Neuwied-Matara Friendship Association bought the material in January, and finally, sewing work was finished and the protecting curtains were fixed. Not only useful, but also nice to look at and more homelike!

Another innovation is a simplified way of transmitting news and information throughout the spacious school premises. Particularly Anura classrooms, built by Neuwied-Matara-Friendship-Association, are situated a bit far off the High Priest’s office at Manthinda Temple School. Now there is a new loudspeaker-system with the control centre in the High Priest’s office, and loudspeakers in all classrooms of the college. It will serve to gather the students for morning welcome and prayer, song and prayer when lessons stop at lunch time, specific and directed information for teachers and whole classes, special calls for students or teachers who are asked individually to meet the principal or parents,…. or for other reasons. All this can be done easily and purposefully, and no one can pretend not having been informed – except for a power break-down, which can happen here, easily!