Master of his trade at Anura College

(Pictures are published in the German version – Please, press “Deutsch” here on the right side.) There have already been lots of visits by friendship-association board members and others, sponsor-parents, young German trainees,…who all contributed to some work and support  when visiting the school. (more information about the association’s activities, see )

Now, it’s Christian, son of sponsor parents, who visited his „scholarship-sister“on the very first day, and the two of them can be seen here in a picture. His trip around the island will have to wait a bit, because, first, he wants to offer his knowledge and abilities as a carpenter and start making some tables, chairs, shelves or more at Manthinda Temple School and Anura College in Matara and perhaps, he can even teach some of the young students to learn about this valuable handicraft.

He finished his training some time ago, which enables him to repair furniture and make new objects. He can even show his skills to young Anura or Manthinda students. That’s a fantastic project that we all admire with appreciation, respect and gratitude.

Differences between Germany and Sri Lanka become soon obvious with regard to the quality of tools (particularly electric saws, drills,…etc.) The Neuwied-Matara-Friendship Association will help with some money to buy important tools and material, and Christian invests lots of time and great effort to achieve useful results.

And – surprise! – In the shopping center he is addressed by a Singhalese woman who asks him where he comes from. And when he said “from Germany! I’m working at Anura College, Matara” the next question was: ”Do you know Mrs. Pinger?”…and it became obvious that she knows about this association and that she is a close friend, a bank assistant, who helped in recent years with business questions. Nice coincidence…and a selfie, of course, to prove what happened.

We are looking forward to good handicraft-objects, and we wish Christian lots of success, patience, calmness and a quiet manner with regard to local standards of quality, safety arrangements, sense of perfection and tools, which might differ from German standards. So, it’s a Srilankan standard, particularly for young monks, to work barefoot and be careful with splinters of wood, nails or even dangerous tacks on the floor. Lord Buddha will hopefully bless and protect them!

That is definitely an unforgettable experience – and Anura College will be happy about new tables, chairs, shelves,… and much more. Bohome istuti, Christian!