Lots of helpful donations in the run-up to the next journey

Two and a half weeks to go, and our vice president Edeltrud Pinger will be again on her way to Sri Lanka, her 14th journey to the island. Lots of things must be prepared and considered. Little gifts and letters for scholarship students are handed over to her, and banks and companies are kindly asked to donate some objects,…and, indeed, they don’t splash out and generously donate little presents that can be given to students, teachers, waiters and room-boys. They have not yet stopped enjoying colourful and nicely designed pens or other stationary and office supplies.

Thanks go to VR-BANK and its investment advisor, Mr. Martin Schlüter, who invited Mrs. Pinger to his office to hand over to her a crammed bag with pens, writing pads, coloured adhesive papers that must find room in her suitcase. This means that she can take less clothes and personal belongings, which won’t be a problem with regard to the high temperatures on shore of the Indian Ocean.

For several years, LIQUI MOLY, a company producing motor oils and similar products, and their employee, Mr. Ralph Osterwind, have donated several hundreds of pens already. Again, he delivered a huge box with 500 pens for the different schools (Anura, Manthinda, Rohana), which means that no one has to go away empty-handed. A problem might be the weight of the suitcase which is limited. If so, there will be the next journey in January 2017 when more association members or friends will accompany her and can take more objects in more suitcases.

A new entrant in our group of donors is the cleaning company LIMBACH that provided us with the appropriate material to keep classrooms, washrooms and toilets clean: floor cloths, wipes, mops,…will be more useful than just rags, and in combination with water and cleaner they will help to keep classrooms, washrooms, etc. neat and tidy. Neuwied-Matara- Friendship-Association is very pleased about all these contributions in kind, and greatly thanks those who show responsible for these donations.

A successful long way can result from many little steps. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Singhalese people will say: BOHOME ISTUTI !