In memoriam – Buddhist ceremony for Sagara Abegunewardene

(Please, see pictures in German version.) Yesterday, at Anura College, in the presence of the first chairman of the Neuwied-Matara Friendship Association, a small memorial service took place in honor of Sagara Abegunewardene, son of the country and managing director, former Rahula student, who passed away on New Year’s day 2019. He is the origin of the contact he made with Anura College and Manthinda Temple School almost 10 years ago, and started supporting this school. Numerous students and teachers, as well as the monks of the Manthinda Temple, participated in this ceremony of Buddhist rite commemoration and showed great respect and genuine gratitude. A meal was prepared, which was offered to the monks by the teachers – that is the practice of “dhane” or “almsgiving”.

There was much more on the program for the German President of the association: meetings with other new godchildren, a visit at home to one of the new scholarship students, visits of the construction projects, further delivery of letters and small gifts from German godparents and discussions about a possible solution for the accommodation of some female students who either have an almost extremely long way to school or where domestic conditions hardly make learning possible. It will not be easy, but maybe there will be some concrete and workable solutions soon. All these things can only be tackled if someone from the Friendship Association is directly on site. The support of local coordinators is essential to ensure a good basis for decision-making. Big thanks to all those who contribute. There is still a lot to do.