In commemoration

bild-mutter Neuwied-Matara-Friendship-Association expresses mc3b6mu sincere condolences with regard to the passing away of the highly valued dear mother of Nayaka Thero Venerable Getamanne Dhamma Kirththi, High priest of Manthinda Temple School. Next to this Temple School is Anura College, supervised by him, as well. For several years we have cooperated with the Venerable High Priest, whenever planning and carrying out our projects at Anura College.


kl-mc3b6nche His dear mother achieved the old age of 102 years. The school community, monks, teachers and students were involved in the preparation and autos achievement of the funeral, March 24th, according to Buddhist rituals. Belief in rebirth, in starting a new life depending on the quality of the past existence, is one of the most essential elements of Buddhism.


We remain in respect and appreciation.