Happy scholarship children and parents

The meeting of scholarship children and their parents took place on Tuesday, February 2nd in the Home Science Room of Anura Vidyalaya. We expected them all to arrive at about 12 a. m., but the first mothers and children had come at 10 already. Perhaps there was a good means of transport, may be they wanted to be early enough or had wrong information. Alexandra had to do the German lesson on her own, because the English teacher, Mr. Wasantha, helped me to talk to the first mothers and children, which was quite useful to have time enough later for all of them. We could sit in the big Home Science Room, because Mrs. Tekla, the home science teacher, was absent that day and the room was vacant. Some individual conversations could take place that were not meant for the public.
School usually finishes at 1.30 p. m. and all the participants of our meeting have left by then. Now, four Rahula boys will come and they arrive at about 1.45 p. m. Three of them have been supported – like Sujatha girls – from the beginning of our scholarships. Eranga faces A-levels in August, Sujith and Lahira will face A-levels in summer 2017, and Malith Deshan, the youngest of them, in summer 2018. All three of them are friendly young men, but their knowledge of English is very poor. I could find out (because they had told me last September already) that three of them want to become an engineer and one of them a doctor. So, English is not one of their important and thoroughly studies subjects. Some questions were answered, little problems solved, letters handed over to them….At about 11 the group was nearly complete. Bad luck that our President was to bring all the presents donated by the German sponsors or – in cases that I could not meet them before my departure – by our association. He was prepared to come at 12 (in order not to disturb my lessons that now did not take place.) When I came by bus in the morning, I could not carry all those bags and even less, take them into the crowded bus. Mr. Mertgen came by three-wheel and was able to manage the transport easily. Finally,”F ather Christmas or Santa Claus” arrived with all those gifts. There were surprises for everyone, bigger and smaller parcels, envelopes or bags. Eyes were shining, but no one opened the gifts. So the surprise was kept to share it at home. There were some additional little bits and pieces, pens, colour pencils, drawing paper… and no one felt neglected.
Mr. Wasantha helped me and translated the most important messages from English to Sinhala. I noticed that it often took double time to translate my passages. I’m sure he wanted to stress and to reinforce what I said about the godparents’ concern with regard to the children’s development, career at school and wellbeing. Finally, one of the parents, a mother whose daughter was taken into our programme recently, asked for permission to speak. She was sure to speak in the name of all scholarship parents. She gave her thanks to the Venerable High priest and to the Lady Principal who had forwarded her child’s name to our association and was particularly grateful for this chance that meant a lot to her and her child. Some hidden tears in her eyes proved sincerity (and the family’s situation is reason enough to support them).
Because of the irregular arrival and departure of parents and children it was not really possible to take a picture of all of them. Two were missing anyway who I want to meet on Friday. I will attach some pictures here, others are sent to their sponsors.
Mr. Wasantha had to leave, so there was no one to translate from English into Singhalese. It really was a bit tiring; perhaps because of my partially European English pronunciation whereas they are used to Singhalese people speaking English with a peculiar accent. I just wanted them to understand – it was the same for the girls, yesterday – that there is only a chance of being supported in future, studying at university, when they keep in close contact with their sponsor parents. If not, those might be disappointed and refrain from supporting them any longer. I’m curious to know how they will proceed.