“Everything flows!”

(Please, press button “Deutsch” here on the right side to see pictures in the German version.) That could be the continuation of the story presented in the previous article, two days ago. Finally, the water authority in Matara has accepted the request of Chamidi’s family to provide a water connection in the small wooden house built by her father himself. Her godparents in Neuwied have taken over the fees of about 120 €, and we can hardly imagine what this fantastic improvement means for the family.

So far the neighbours, who already have access to water, have helped Chamidi and her parents when they needed water for washing clothes, personal hygiene, cooking … etc. There is a long waiting list for water connections in the office of the water board, Matara, and perhaps the “digging to the bottom” and insisting of the school administration and our coordinator have helped speed things up a bit. There is no real transparency! In any case, we are all happy that Chamidi and her family can finally use their access to running water which – for us – is self-evident. The German sponsors will go one step further and help the family build a “washroom” in front of the small house with shower, toilet and sink. As soon as the quotation is given and material issues are resolved, it should start. This is in fact an enormous improvement and a good piece of life quality!

And for Chamidi, this help means that her German godparents and the Neuwied-Matara Friendship Association are keen to offer these items, which mean encouragement in school education and granting the chance of facing a brighter future than it would be without this opportunity.