Anura College – First steps in 2016

Arrival at Colombo Airport at 8 a. m. on Wednesday (3.30 a. m. in Germany). My polo-neck jumper and waistcoat have served their time, and it is just my T-shirt that will do to face, so early in the morning, those 30°C welcoming me when leaving the airport.
The driver takes the Highway to the South, and shortly before Hikkaduwa, he turns to the coast road A2 towards Koggala. Looking at the Indian Ocean, at the white crest on the water reflecting the shining blue sky, palm trees, fisher boats, hustle and bustle along the road; ….and that is never boring – even not on my 13th journey to that island.
13 – lucky or unlucky number? I usually don’t believe in such a nonsense.

But the fact that I forgot my Sri-Lanka-mobile phone at home with lots of numbers of people I want to or I have to contact here, because there are numerous things to do and tasks to fulfill, lets it get to myself. But a bit later, I feel lucky again. I’m given my favourite room at the hotel, I meet well-known faces who seem to recognize me and give me a bright smile. And I even can use internet – from time to time at least!

Thursday morning I’m on my way to Anura College. The Venerable Highpriest does not want me to enter the premises, because there are preparations everywhere for the opening ceremony of the new break-hall that is to take place on Monday morning. I promise that I don’t want to know anything and that I will close my ears and eyes.

Finally I was able to speak with the constructor about a little wall to sit on, on both sides of that new hall. There are some bricks left, and he can use them for that purpose. A wooden seating surface will make it even neat and comfortable.

Then I had to discuss the use of Anura homepage and how it should be looked after. Articles and information are too old and not up to date. The young IT-teacher promised to cooperate with Mr. Lashan, our webmaster, and ask teachers and students to deliver news, reports, etc. that are to be published. Graciousness and coincidence may be sufficient to make things go, but not to make them last – not in Germany and not in Sri Lanka.

Alexandra, the young German student who has been working at Anura since September, is preparing German texts for the ceremony on Monday together with some students who came to German lessons regularly in the past. (Sorry, I don’t know anything in detail about that! )

There is the question of new scholarships, and I talk about this challenge with some staff members. There seems to be necessity on one hand, but missing sponsors on the other. Our association will try hard to find and convince them. We all hope for the best. (So, if you want to support us, feel free to do so and touch base with us!) to be continued.