First visit at the new Lord-Mayor’s office in Neuwied

March, 20th 2018

bild-3 President Mr. Bernd Mertgen and Vice President Mrs. Edeltrud Pinger attended a meeting at the urban administration of Neuwied and were happy to accept the Lord Mayor’s invitation. For the board members it is important to know that the first citizen, the Lord Mayor of the town, Mr. Jan Einig, appreciates the association’s activities. He represents the town of Neuwied, and the name of this town is part of our name: Neuwied-Matara-Friendship Association. His predecessor, late Mr. Nikolaus Roth, was a member of this association and travelled twice to Sri Lanka to visit Matara and our projects. For us, it is important to know that we can rely on the new Lord Mayor’s support as well. We first met him at the Annual General Meeting in January, and he was deeply impressed – as he told us – because of the enormous commitment proved by the useful and helpful projects at Matara Schools during the last 13 years.

Mr. Jan Einig granted more than one hour of his precious time to his visitors. He promised to give us support whenever possible, using valuable contacts and appreciate our activities, and even to become a member of our association. Thank you very much, Sir! Bohome istuti!

Regular and interesting correspondence with German sponsors

March, 15th 2018

img-20180306-wa0001 Scholarship students and their English teacher, Mrs. Isha, meet from time to time in Anura library to write letters in English to their German sponsor parents. The older ones, grades 8 – 13, are already quite good at writing in English. The younger ones are supported by the teacher or by other students who can do it more easily. But, they also can write in their mother tongue Sinhala if they want, because there are two members from Sri Lanka in the German Association Board: our manager, Mr. Sagara Abegunewardene, and board member Mrs. Vindya Schmalz, and they will help to translate whenever possible.

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Pure , clear sounds with the help of the new „Sarpinawa“

February, 26th 2018

20180226_172931 Last year already, music teacher, Mrs. Chintha, asked our Vice-president to donate a new instrument for music lessons at Anura College, because the old one was really ruined and defect. It’s really different from traditional Singhalese instruments. You have to play the keys with your right hand and operate a kind of bellows with your left hand. Different from traditional Singhalese instruments, this object can be helpful to read music, learn about Western tunes and get insight into classic music or modern Western elements of music. Teachers, trained in this field, can be called “teacher of Western music”. (Continue reading…)

First exhibition of wood-carving at Rohana Special School

February, 22nd 2018

Maginon Digital Camera That’s the result of the first four months of mask-woodcarving programme at Rohana Special Maginon Digital Camera School in Matara for deaf students. The exhibition took place on Wednesday, February 20th  2018.Activities were started by Neuwied-Matara Friendship Association and supported by donations of Lions Club Maria-Laach and the Ministry of the Interior of the federal state Rhineland-Palatinate. This programme is meant to offer chances for the future of these deaf boys, which will be very important for handicapped young people.

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News from the Manthinda Temple School

February, 6th 2018

It’s time to report a bit about a particular activity at Manthinda Temple School. This boys’ school is situated on the same premises as Anura College where most of our scholarship students are schooling. Nearly five years ago, Neuwied-Matara-Friendship-Association donated a big music and dance room which can be used by both and where talented boys and girls can practice with their ambitious teachers. These dances are part of the long and impressive tradition in Sri Lanka. Of course, boys can play and enjoy cricket, for example, but a lot of them also enjoy the traditional dances which are a compulsory part of the syllabus. (Continue reading…)