Sri Lanka in a German Protestant Church

Our vice-president, Mrs. Edeltrud Pinger, took part in a religious service in a protestant church in Neuwied-Feldkirchen. She had been asked to talk about her association Neuwied-Matara-Friendship-Association, its projects and regular activities.

Instead of a usual sermon, there was a dialogue between Reverend Thomas Thillman and Mrs. Pinger. The focus was on reasons why she has been doing this work for more than 12 years now, on projects, particular help and activities in Matara, and the very personal question about

the personal benefit when working in such an association and helping people in Sri Lanka.

Mrs. Pinger reported about the long 12 years in the course of which a lot could be achieved in Matara schools: buildings, classrooms, school equipment and materials, about 30 scholarships, help after monsoon floods, and support in individual cases to grant humane life conditions. She did not forget to mention the first steps initiated by the Singhalese Mr. Sagara Abegunewardene, who has been the manager of the association for many years.

The last question about her personal benefit was a bit difficult to answer: On the one hand there is a lot of work, time and private money to be spent on dealing with lots of problems, raising money, the feeling of never having come to an end with this work. On the other hand there are children’s shining eyes, great thankfulness because of better living-conditions, friendships. But finally, there is only one sentence to say: I can’t help it – I must do it!

Neuwied-Matara-Friendship-Association thanks for the money that was collected in the course of this religious service.