Roofing finished!

No rain can get in anymore and harm the newly built first floor on top of the library. A solid roof is fixed, and what remains to be done is the finish plaster. The balcony was planned to be accomplished by an iron railing, but a solid stone wall seems to be safer, and – as the photograph reveals – this was put into action. Electric, painting and polishing works are to be finished by mid-June. End of June, the school community (students, parents and teachers) will help to carry all the furniture from the downstairs library upstairs to the new floor, which means that renovation works and some repairing can be done in the ground floor. Probably, in early July everything will be finished and give the whole building a polish for extra shine. We are looking forward to more pictures showing us this splendour, and even more to the visit of our treasurer (Mr. Jürgen Hoppen), his wife (Mrs. Marga Meilen-Hoppen) and our vice president (Edeltrud Pinger), end of August, who will be able to examine the result when visiting Anura College.