Regular and interesting correspondence with German sponsors

Scholarship students and their English teacher, Mrs. Isha, meet from time to time in Anura library to write letters in English to their German sponsor parents. The older ones, grades 8 – 13, are already quite good at writing in English. The younger ones are supported by the teacher or by other students who can do it more easily. But, they also can write in their mother tongue Sinhala if they want, because there are two members from Sri Lanka in the German Association Board: our manager, Mr. Sagara Abegunewardene, and board member Mrs. Vindya Schmalz, and they will help to translate whenever possible.

The last meeting took place some days ago in Anura library. In this picture you can see Mrs. Isha and  seventeen of thirty scholarship children who are regularly supported by German sponsors. May be, the picture is a bit blurred, but “godparents” will certainly recognize “their” child. (To make sure, here are the names from left to the right side: Pasan, Mayuri, Dilmi, Thishmi, Chamodi L., Malki, Samantha, Sajini, Mrs. Isha with Dilshan, Maheesha, Biyanka, Nethra, Dinithi, Yasmi, Ushana and in front of her Shenuli, and Eshan on the very right.)

There are a lot of useful and beneficial activities at Princess-Sophie-Pre-School (PSPS). Four- and five-year-old children are being educated according to Montessori-principles, getting well prepared for Primary School and College. The Princess of Neuwied, Her Serene Highness Sophie Charlotte, regularly supports this school aiming at a good start into life, wanting them to enjoy and benefit from good school education. The pictures show the reduced back wall, letting in more air and light. In the background on the right side, you can catch a glimpse of the door leading to the playground behind the classroom.