Reception: Anura College and Matinda Temple School

The Venerable High Priest of Mantinda Temple School and Anura College organized a big Welcome for Mrs. Pinger who represents the Neuwied-Matara Friendship Association (an association working since 2005 at four schools in Matara, and since 2009 at Anura College: the members and lots of  generous donors enabled the association to build four classrooms for biology, physics, chemistry and a home science room. Later they added a first floor with two big rooms for dance and music, and an English medium room, each of them completely furnished. Next to this building, they put up a new little library with a study room and some new toilets). All these gifts have been accepted with great appreciation and are treated accordingly. What is needed now, is some repair work in the library and  some curtain bars must be fixed so that curtains can protect the rooms against dust and humidity.