Protection of the environment for a cleaner future

The young  ecologist from Finland, Maija Zitting, finished her programme after six days at Anura College. In a letter to our manager, Mr. Sagara Abegunewarde, she gave a short report and thanked him for this opportunity. Here is an excerpt from her letter:

The idea was to bring 70 children to the playground (grades 4 & 5) to learn about environmental protection and recycling. I made two games for them, and I must mention I was positively surprised that the students got so into it. The game allowed them to find non-organic things in their surroundings and learn in what ways recycling was possible.

In fact, they were so keen learners that they started spontaneously cleaning their temple area of different garbage. Lucky thing I had brought some rubber gloves and soap with me. So I left such supplies at the school for further activities like this. Miss Lakshmi kindly promised that there will be future endeavors of this kind, letting the students identify the beauty of the school surroundings while preserving it. There are still lots to do in the premises. Anyway, it was wonderful to see the children participate so well, and follow the activity despite the language barrier. Miss Lakshmi really has been a great help, as has Mr Rajapakse.

… So thank you for trusting me and I hope this project has inspired future pursuits regarding sustainability (this is a word I’ve taught to the children with particular care, advising them with the example of not drawing on the tables, a classic habit I recognize from my old school times too…).

I will gladly return to Anura College whenever soonest possible.

Maija Zitting