Princess of Neuwied takes on patronage of Neuwied-Matara-Friendship-Association

Every club’s or association’s efficiency depends on its members’ commitment. There is a close link between effectiveness, successful

activities and the members’ readiness to act and to work meaningfully and to represent this intention in public. Good things become evident when well-known and famous people show their appreciation for these activities publicly. So, our association is particularly happy to welcome Her Highness, Princess Sophie of Wied, as patron of their association and advocate of their activities. That is far from being just a formality, but there were intense conversations and information to explain why the association’s activities are helpful and appreciable.

Our vice president, Mrs. Edeltrud Pinger, our board member, Mr. Fridhelm Schuhbauer and his wife Karin, accepted willingly the invitation of the Princess and visited her in the castle of Neuwied. There were lots of questions to be answered and an honest interest in the past and present projects carried out by our association. In the past, Her Highness had been involved in charity work in South India, so it was not far for her to get interested in Sri Lanka and showing her readiness to support our activities in Matara. We want to express our gratitude for the Princess’s willingness of taking on this patronage. We highly welcome that she will take part in our Lord Mayor’s reception on September 16th and that she accepted our invitation to the tenth anniversary of our friendship association on September 26th at the adult education centre in Neuwied. We are more than happy about this prominent support and her honest interest.