Rahula College

This College was the first one where our Friendship Association started work. After finishing the hostel building for 25 boys, the hostel could be extended with two more floors because of generous donations by the state government of Rhineland Palatinate and the help-programme “HELFT UNS LEBEN ( = help us to live) of our local newspaper “Rheinzeitung”. The opening ceremony took place in January 2007. About 4.500 boys go to Rahula College, a school with an excellent reputation that has produced many clever young men.

At the beginning of 2010, our Friendship Association opened the newly built Vocational Center for boys who cannot or do not want to prepare A/L exams, but can be well prepared for skilled trades (metal, wood, electricity).

Our association is supported by private sponsors who accompany continuously some boys coming from economically week and needy families. They pay the monthly hostel fees and are in steady contact with the boys and well informed about their development and future plans.