Our late manager’s wish will be fullfilled – Project work to be continued

After the death of our highly appreciated managing director Sagara, activities of Neuwied-Matara-Friendship-Association continue, of course. He would have wanted it that way, and he’s with us in all these actions somehow. He joined us in our last decision to create a good livelihood in some social hardship cases, and decided with us to build a house for an orphaned sibling couple. It’s nearly finished. Only some more weeks for final works, and they can move in and make use of their own home!

The construction work was not that easy. The place was not accessible for heavy equipment and the floor surface had to be leveled laboriously. Still existing old masonry could be incorporated, window and door lintels fixed and everything pulled up to a nice, big house. A simple but solid roof was the final thing. Now the interior work is in progress, and you can see what it’s supposed to be: a safe building to be a home for the young adults.

95% are completed and our coordinator Ruwan (brother of Sagara) is kind enough to support us by taking over the electrical work. When our president travels to Matara at the end of January, the inauguration will certainly take place.

Other godchildren could be helped by some pieces of furniture donated by their godparents, for example a writing desk and a chair, in

another case a cabinet. These simple pieces of furniture are often missing and make life a bit easier when you have them and can use them. Also, the deep wish to own a dictionary (Sinhala – English) could be fulfilled and is like a unique, precious gift for the student Risindi.

A computer room is being refurbished at Anura College, sponsored PCs are being set up, printers are being repaired, and a few pieces of

furniture may be purchased with the help of donations granted by the Friendship Association.

Our work will be continued and, like many other things in the world, it is really needed. Important and useful things are happening here, making life easier – at least for some of the needy students – and opening up new opportunities. If you want to support and help us – Why not? Join us! Bohome istuti! = Thank you!