New godchildren and small projects

(For pictures, please press button “Deutsch” on the right side.) It’s not easy to continue work for the godchildren at Anura College when you cannot be there. But fortunately, there are some teachers who accompany our work, who take care of the children, who know the backgrounds of the children especially as class leaders. They can suggest those who are in particularly difficult economical and social conditions and definitely need help.

So, a small construction project could be started at Achini’s place, in order to fight the narrowness with regard to their living conditions. The German godfather was willing to finance a small extension to the house, so that the young student can soon have her own little room. Last year already, her sponsor donated a bed and a desk with a chair, but this made the living space even more limited. That will change soon.
Together with the mother’s employer, we were able to help another student’s father, a cancer patient, to find a toilet and a sink in a small tiled room. Due to his illness, the customary toilets in Sri Lanka are difficult to use for him. This useful luxurious gift makes life a little easier for him.
Four other children were added to our scholarship program, who were proposed by class teachers and our coordinators. The reasons are very easy to understand. The Neuwied-Matara Friendship-Association is particularly grateful to all sponsors, who enable us to grant this well-directed monthly support. An important prerequisite for inclusion in our program is, above all, the attitude of parents – sometimes it is just one single parent – whom we must trust that the scholarship-money  will really be used for school matters such as special education (tuition classes), school materials, etc. One eighth of this monthly subsidy is saved on a fixed-term account, so that after the student’s 18th birthday, a small sum has certainly been collected and may lay the foundation for studies or vocational training.
We thank both of our coordinators and all teachers involved in promoting these children. We need to be able to rely on them to get true information and to keep the children on the right track. Thank you very much – Bohome istuti!