Name of new Anura-Preschool intensified by a beautiful signboard

There is a new sign board that decorates Anura preschool now! Our members Elke and Johannes Emmerich visited Anura Vidyalaya and had the signboard fixed by the helping hand of a monk of Manthinda Temple School who you would normally associate with meditation and prayers. There is an extra-plus on this colourful wall now, and as it was fixed on a Friday after school, we are curious to know who of the young preschool students will first notice the enriching change on Monday morning.

Our friendship-association members met some scholarship children and their mothers and handed over letters and little presents from their sponsors in Germany. Eshan, Thishmi and Dilshan were extremely happy about this meeting and will certainly write a thankful answer to them soon. Elke and her father were given a friendly and hearty welcome by the teachers Mrs. Tekla and Mr. Wasantha and accepted with great pleasure their invitation for tea.