Multisided school life and big variety of facilities

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After finishing German classes, our German trainee Anna also enjoys getting insight into various activities at Anura College. The pictures published here may give you some impressions of school life. First step: designing and colouring table cloth in the home science room with the help of home science teacher Mrs. Tekla.

  • Small groups studying in the science room together with their teacher, probably preparing A-level-exams in chemistry that will take place in August.
  • Dancers studying in the music- and dance-room, not dancing actively but gaining some theoretical knowledge about rhythm and beat that can be put into graphs on the board by their dancing master. This music- and dance room has a wonderful big mirror which might not be so common in most schools.
  • Isha, coordinating teacher and looking after our scholarship students (together with Mr. Wasantha) takes a little rest in the staff room.
  • In front of the Pre-school, there is still some decoration left from the Vesakh-ceremonies that took place some time ago, one of the most important days for Buddhists.
  • Inside the pre-school-classroom, young children are studying with joy and ambition. Good teachers applying the educational theory of Montessori and useful teaching material are the best preparation to succeed in Primary School later.
  • German lessons in the library: a lot of students take part and are proud to learn another foreign language apart from English that might be as difficult for them as Singhalese language will be for us. Actually, it’s fun!