More useful donations for Anura College and Rohana Special School!

Finally, six new white boards have arrived at Anura College and can replace the wooden chipboards that are difficult to handle and to write on with chalk.

It is much easier to write and draw on these white boards; it is easier for the students to read, easier to clean and a real advantage for teachers and students. Big thanks to our Srilankan coordinator, Mr. Ruwan Abegunewardene, who helped with shopping, transport and fixing.

The money for these boards was donated by students of Werner-Heisenberg-Gymnasium, Neuwied. On one day all students of grade 8

looked for a job and worked in shops, factories, offices, hospitals, etc. The total sum of money that was earned on that day was given to Neuwied-Matara-Friendship-Association and was enough to pay for these whiteboards. Thank you all, students and teacher, Mr. Carsten Neuhaus who organized this day!

On the occasion of his birthday, Mr. Martin Klein, did not want any presents when inviting his guests to his party, but he wanted them to donate some money for Anura College and Rohana Special School. Some time ago, we reported about the new table tennis table and rackets at Anura College (see     ) and badminton equipment for Rohana Special School. In September a new photocopy machine was an additional donation for Rohana School Office. It has become a very useful device and helps teachers and students.

Thanks a lot, all those who contributed to these donations that mean another piece of the important puzzle of good school education.