Life goes on at Anura Vidyalaya and Manthinda Temple School

The second school term is running at full speed, and the young students at the new Princess-Sophie-Preschool do their studies with great ambition, they sing, draw pictures, do some handicraft. Our member, Elke Emmerich, visited this place several times during her stay at Koggala (see entry of June 18th) and sent us the pictures that we publish here. The patron of this new Preschool, Honorable Princess Sophie zu Wied, is much interested in seeing “her” school well equipped and will certainly donate some money for necessary learning materials, perhaps a CD-player to play and teach songs or similar items. Our Vice president, Mrs. Edeltrud Pinger, will travel again to Matara in September and check what can be done and what is useful to be acquired. She will see the scholarship students and talk to them, and hopefully, she will meet the new Venerable High Priest who is to preside over Anura and Manthinda school administration. She will see and discuss what can be done next according to the money that we can provide. There are more needy children who have been waiting to be accepted in our scholarship program. But this depends on finding sponsors who are willing to pay a monthly amount of money for this support. Please, feel free to contact us if you want to help.


After the death of the Venerable Getamanne Dammakirtti Tero, Chief Incumbent of Maha Pirivena, after all those ceremonies, after the incineration and the burial of his ashes, after all the visitors paying their last respects to him,….daily school-life must continue and a successor has been found meanwhile. We all hope from the bottom of our heart – and Anura and Manthinda school communities certainly hope for the same – that he is a worthy successor and will soon start his service and duties, which won’t be easy to cope with at the beginning. Our association is sure that this High Priest will be informed about our activities and projects which he will come across in many places on the school premises. We honestly wish that he appreciates our work and welcomes us in a friendly and open way when our vice president visits the school in September.