Here are sincere wishes for all our members, sponsors, friends in Germany and Sri Lanka and everywhere in the world where they can be found. May we all face a happy, healthy, successful and peaceful new year 2016!

The drawings that you can see here, were sent to me by a young student from Matara as her New Year’s message. She wishes good luck and peace, and she is extremely thankful for the support given to her by our Neuwied-Matara-Friendship-Association, which means a chance to her that she would not have had without its existence.
January 20th 2016 is the date of our President’s and my journey to the island in the Indian Ocean, that means in less than three weeks time. We are looking forward to visiting our project schools, particularly Anura Vidyalaya and see if our latest project could be finished and can be opened. There will be German lessons again, of course, (perhaps even “double-teaching”, because Alexandra [see previous articles, October 5th and December 8th] is still there) and visits at scholarship-children’s houses.

We hope that we can continue our support by the help of our members and sponsors, particularly the support of schools and education, which is one of the most important elements when talking about the development of a country. Thanks to all those who give us their company and act according to this premise.
Edeltrud Pinger, Vice President