Great equipment for chemistry lessons at Anura College

Mrs. Lakshmi’s eyes are shining, and she is as happy as her colleagues of the science department will be. To teach illustrative lessons in chemistry, you will have to use corresponding chemicals, receptacles, all the necessary equipment and capable teachers who can explain connections and causal relationships, who can carry out experiments and teach, not only basics of this important science, but also far-reaching and more extensive and sustainable knowledge. Some years ago, there were hardly any test tubes, let alone other materials that could have combined theory and practice. But this has changed since autumn 2010, when three new science rooms were built and furnished by the Neuwied-Matara-Friendship-Association. German donors and their generosity enabled us to offer this building to the Anura-school- community. For nearly five years now, these rooms are in use and appreciated by teachers and students. Some time ago there was the request for some new materials and some more small equipment. The quotation was sent from Matara to Germany to our vice president, and the discussion in the board meeting resulted in unanimous agreement. That was easy, because a doctor in Neuwied, friend of a board member (Dr. Thomas Behnke), donated 300 Euro (approx. 45.000,00 Rs), a remarkable amount that served to pay nearly everything on this quotation. Thank you so much, Doc.
Some days ago, our Srilankan coordinator, Mr. Ruwan Abegunewardene, went to Galle to take all these things in his car to Anura College. Big thanks to you, Mr. Ruwan!
Perhaps, the good quality of science lessons and further future support from Germany might enable some Anura students to become a doctor, too.