Good development for three helpful projects

Construction work of the three projects continues. It is nice and satisfying to see that the local coordinators in Matara are pushing ahead constructions works with the necessary measures without us having to be always present as Neuwied-Matara-Friendship Association. Mr. Ajith with his family of five is in the new house now, and it looks – in a customary manner – quite colourful. But it means their “own four walls” that makes parents, children and German sponsors happy.

In Achini’s case there will be some delay, because her mother literally needs to keep her feet still because of her broken leg, and her father, well, you do not know exactly what’s going on. Building materials are already there at place, and now works should continue. The roof is still missing and the completion of several interior and exterior items, too, before Achini can use her own little empire, which the German godfather wants to make possible by his generous donation. Maybe it just takes a little longer. We will look after it!

And with Chamidi’s small washroom, progress is clearly visible. Where there was a rough-and-ready ladder last week, there are now solid concrete steps, and the walls clearly show what it’s all about: a small, fine room with a toilet, sink and shower. Chamidi’s father is a good craftsman and reliable compatriot. We are convinced that the donation of the German godparents is used here very meaningfully and responsibly.

Many thanks and appreciation for the regular support of all godparents, especially for school items, is expressed in the letters that arrived today in a collection of letters sent by teacher Mrs. Isha to Neuwied. The older students can use their English skills well, the younger write in Sinhalese. (My godchild Ridmi, who has been living with me for some time now and successfully does her dual studies in Koblenz, can translate these letters meanwhile into good German.)

We all in our Friendship Association truly hope that our meaningful work for forty of the neediest children at Anura College can continue by means of support granted by individual sponsors. Of course, we are still looking for generous helpers and new sponsors, because the waiting list in Matara is long. Who wants to help, can easily do that with a donation to IBAN: DE 58574501200030041800, keyword “godparenthood”. Donation receipt will be given, of course.