Good bye, Anna – we will miss you!

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Last day for Anna at Anura College. What a pity! It’s so sad. Time flies.
Yesterday Anny could watch theory lessons in the dance and music room, but today a group of girls is demonstrating the art of dancing in a very impressive way. Fantastic! Those girls start early when they are talented and go on learning a lot, dancing in groups in traditional ceremonies, on weddings or other festivities. So, regular training and practical exercises are necessary, and it’s a big advantage to have excellent teachers. Anna wants to try and learn some steps and movements. Not that easy, when you are used to disco-fox, hip-hop, etc. But it is great fun, and anyway, Anna has a real sense of music and rhythm.

The fact that Anna is close to rhythm and music can quickly be proved when she demonstrates playing the ukulele in her German lesson, a tiny kind of guitar with only four strings. She bought it in Galle last week, because she was longing for her instrument, a real guitar which is too big and cumbersome to be taken along when travelling. So, the little ukulele will do. But there is no suitable case to transport it properly. Why not ask the young teacher of art who is good at making such a case or box and decorating it elaborately. Isn’t it a nice case? Let’s take a picture to keep in mind this remarkable moment. Perfect!

Last picture of trainee Anna and students in the library! All of them are very sad and they want to keep hold of Anna. Perhaps, the vice president of the Neuwied-Matara Friendship Association, Mrs. Pinger, will bring along a picture as a souvenir for each of these students when she comes in July. But first, imagination and memory will do! Anna will not be forgotten so quickly. Little Theesha is particularly happy about the photograph with her and Anna.
Bye, bye, Anna, thanks a lot, bohome istuti, have a nice journey and wonderful sights. Enjoy wherever you go! One day, perhaps, you will come back to Anura College!