German lessons: talking about clothes and colours

Anna likes teaching a lot. And her students like her and are very active when reading, repeating, speaking German.

What’s on the agenda today? Introducing oneself, some numbers and colours. Useful items to make up some short dialogues, giving colours to different objects and clothes. Even different shades of blue, light blue and dark blue, can be applied. Well, school uniforms are all quite the same. But there are good ideas and imagination, and colours can be given to lots of other things.

For Anna, there is a very special piece of clothing: a real saree. She is not yet able to get it dressed by herself, so Ridmi gives her a helping hand. The light-blue t-shirt is not matching, indeed, so, the two young ladies will go shopping and find the right blouse. “When in Rome – do as the Romans do!” That is what Anna has learned and accepted quickly.