German lessons go on – Miss Alexandra started teaching

For two weeks now, the young German lady student Alexandra is living at Matara, Anura College, where she will stay several months to teach German. She lives near the College and has already started her German lessons. Some months ago, she met Mrs. Edeltrud Pinger in Germany, who has been teaching German for some years, but only for three weeks a year. She gave Alexandra good advice and information about her teaching activities. Alexandra has successfully passed her A-Level-Exams in Schwerin, Germany, and now, she needs some rest and

relaxing after her tiring exams. Whether teaching is relaxing,…? she will find out. Now, she is the teacher and not the student anymore. That will mean a pleasant change for her, and she seems to enjoy teaching. And the young students at Anura College, they love their young teacher lady. For the older students who have already attended Mrs. Pinger’s lessons she can use the new German language book that was introduced in August/September. For the younger students, she uses black board or white board and corresponding papers. Alexandra can teach English as well and support English teachers at Anura Vidyalaya in their lessons. Neuwied-Matara-Friendship-Association thanks Miss Alexandra a lot for her selfless help when teaching. She is lucky enough to have found some friends already who can show her the island of Sri Lanka and wonderful places nearby. There are many of them to visit. Alexandra told us that she has not yet cooked a meal in her appartment. Why not? – Because she is very often invited to a meal by neighbours, friends, teachers…..That is the way they are, Srilankan people. Bohome istuti – thanks a lot!