German lessons continued – in a twin-pack!

Yesterday, January 4th, two German trainee teachers, Marie and Jana, started work at Anura College in Matara. After their first important exam in Germany, they wanted to interrupt their studies and go abroad to gain more experience by teaching and working with young people in a part of our world that they have never visited before. They will be staying in Matara for three months in an unpaid job and pay their living on their own. Neuwied-Matara Friendship Association only helped with organizing accommodation and their employment at schools.

Vice president, Edeltrud Pinger, who has been teaching German for several years at Anura College during her stays, is extremely happy because of the long period of three months, in the course of which there will be real continuity and intensive studies of German language  for Anura students. For the students, it means a big chance to learn this difficult foreign language more coherently.

English lessons as well, can be taught by the young German teachers, which will thankfully be accepted by Anura English teachers. School prefects can take part in special English lessons to become well prepared for official ceremonies, school anniversaries or other festivities. On these occasions, the young prefects will often have to welcome guests or make a speech in their own language and – when there are guests from abroad – in English, of course.

And there is even more they can do. Rohana Special School, a school for blind, deaf and mentally handicapped students, is looking forward to inviting Marie and Jana and making a profit from their knowledge. On the other hand, the young German ladies will learn by Rohana staff and their Principal and will experience a lot about the way these handicapped students are granted an excellent and professional education. Here, the focus is on appreciation, motivation and compassion. German visitors of our Friendship Association have always been deeply impressed by those qualities when visiting Rohana Special School.

So, there are not only buildings, classrooms, school-equipment,…etc. that has been donated to Matara schools by Neuwied-Matara-

Friendship-Association since 2005, but there is also the philosophy of offering good education, and stressing the importance of advancing  a sustainable development of the children. Big thanks go to Marie and Jana, and to Alexandra (a young German student who helped at Anura College in the same way last year for more than six months – see our homepage), because they contribute to granting good education, which means better chances of facing  a successful future.

Here are our best wishes for Marie and Jana for the next three months: May their wish come true to gain good educational experience in Sri Lanka, meet friendly, attractive and interesting people, come together with ambitious students and helpful teachers and enjoy their time in Matara.