German donor’s visit to meet scholarship student – First impression: perfect!

That’s a really exciting story: the long flight on Sunday, transfer from Colombo to Koggala Beach Hotel and the first fresh king-coconut-drink at the reception! Andreas Hoss with Karin and Sophia arrived sound and safe, and a voluminous, maybe tiring, but certainly great and amazing programme lies ahead of them. First they will have to cope with jetlag, strains of the long-distance-travel, the humid climate that you will have to get used to. There are hundreds of new sights and impressions; not much time to get used to. But there is enough positive energy aiming at curiosity instead of fear.

First item on Monday morning: visit of Anura College, Matara, where our school-coordinator Mr. Wasantha welcomes the guests and shows them around. There are science rooms, library,…some of the objects built and equipped by Neuwied-Matara-Friendship-Association during the last years.

But the focus will be on meeting their scholarship student Nethra, who is lucky enough to see her German donors face to face and come to know each other much better. We certainly will report about this event later. Their visit at Nethra’s place, meeting her parents and siblings, will be exciting for both sides. Two cultures, two worlds, so to say, will come together. No doubt; there will be points of connections, and we are sure that they are thoroughly intended and socially desirable.