First results coming up to our hopeful expectations

It’s a great pleasure to see the pictures showing progress of building activities that we planned together with our construction manager Mr. de Silva. A house will be built in a very remote and difficult to access area for one of our scholarship students’ families in need. Our members, friends, and those who read in our local newspapers about the new project, became generous donors, and finally we were able to move from planning stage to implementation. It’s a rather long way to go from Matara to that place and transporting materials through rough terrain.

The stone- and brickwork is nearly finished. In contrast to European standards there are no scaffolds made of steel. This material would be much too expensive and difficult to transport.  Nature around that place offers wood to make timber scaffolding which is usual in Sri Lanka.

There will be additional work to do when trying to give access to water and electricity. And we will ask for some more donations to pay some

new furniture. We will ask our German friends and fellow citizens to be generous and donate some money, which becomes more and more difficult because there are so many trouble spots in the world where help is needed. . (IBAN: DE 58 57450120 00 3004 1800)

In September, our Vice President Mrs. Pinger will travel again to Sri Lanka, and she will certainly see and admire the result of this building work. The new house will be finished by then and give the family a worthy place to live, and perhaps there will be a small opening ceremony to wish a lucky future to the house and its residents. We wish good luck for the building process….and give our big thanks to all donors who contributed to this fantastic project.