First floor finished – opening ceremony end of August

Time flies, and soon our vice president, Edeltrud Pinger, will travel to Matara and see with her own eyes that, at the moment, can only be shown in a picture being sent via email by our coordinator, Mr. Ruwan Abegunewardene, who supervised the project and gave regular and latest information. Some restoration work is still being carried out in the ground floor, because for 1 ½ year, there has only been a provisional ceiling. But now, the two-storey building is completely finished and has a solid roof. A nice turning staircase and a balcony give access to students and teachers.
The three-weeks-stay means some work and tasks for our board member. Her suitcase is filled to bursting with the new German language books (see article, June), letters and small presents for scholarship students from their sponsors, a laptop to ensure daily reports and some other necessary things. As she is travelling on her own, there is only one suitcase and a board case to put in everything, but she will manage somehow.
Scholarship girl Mayuri might be particularly happy to receive a letter and some bits and pieces from grade-6-students of Werner-Heisenberg-High School in Neuwied, (where Mrs. Pinger used to work as Principal and asked her students to collect money on the occasion of her retirement in July 2014 and support a student of Anura Vidyalaya.) These students meet regularly to write letters in English and keep this correspondence going.
The new German language books will be used for the first time in German lessons at Anura College, end of August and at the beginning of the new term in September. And when Mrs. Pinger (or “Pinger madam” – as the Singhalese call her) returns to Germany, there is an audio-CD that helps listening to texts, exercises and songs.
End of August, the young student Miss Alexandra will travel to Matara and stay, at least, till end of January 2016. She will learn about the foreign country and its people, and she will continue teaching cost-free German lessons at Anura Vidyalaya. This means a lucky chance and offers continuity and consolidation. Thanks a lot, Miss Alexandra.
Mrs. Pinger will take back home lots of information and pictures from her 12th journey to Sri Lanka. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Neuwied-Matara-Friendship-Association, September 26th at VHS Neuwied (11 a.m. – 4 p.m.) she will report and show these pictures and inform the public and visitors about the project work of the association. Let’s wish a good journey and “Ayubowan” and say ‘thank you’ to our donors, sponsors and all those who support our work and projects for the benefit of students in Matara.