Dance and beat the drum! – Friendship Association donates new dancing costumes

Such a group is vital in a temple school. Dominated by red and white colours, charming headdress,… which are as important for Singhalese dancers as the tricorne heads and pleated skirts are for the dancing girls in our Rhineland at carnival. Respecting and cultivating a long tradition is the main point. There are many different occasions and places where you can see these dancers and musicians perform their ability and enjoy: Buddhist ceremonies, Peraheras (processions), opening celebrations, wedding ceremonies, anniversaries,….and many more.

At Manthinda Temple School, a school for boys on the same premises as Anura College that is supported by the Neuwied-Matara-

Friendship-Association in Germany, there is such a dancing group and a professional dancing teacher who can present his boys on special occasions.  Old and worn-out costumes were a reason for asking the friendship association to give support. But aren’t there more important items at school that should be offered and provided? Basically – yes! But to adhere to tradition and culture means identification and should play an important part at school. So, how prioritise?

Fortunately, a generous board member of the friendship association and his wife took over the responsibility and donated the sum of money that was needed for all the costumes and necessary accessories, acquisition and production costs. When this couple visits Manthinda Temple School again in future, you can imagine in what way a welcome might be arranged! Bohome istuti! – Thank you so much!