Crafting lesson in German and English at Anura College

(Please, look at pictures in the German version. Press “Deutsch” here on the right side.)

The two trainees Alana and Sabrina have brought a lot of great crafting material from Germany, and on the second but last day of their internship at Anura College this must finally be used to make some nice objects. Bright colours, funny animals, beautiful flowers, butterflies, caterpillars or other creatures … .The ideas are manifold, the creativity unlimited and the joy exuberant as the smiling faces make clear. Even the bracelets with the respective Sinhalese names are a great accessory even for the boys, which they proudly show when pictures are being taken. The group picture at the end gives evidence of how much joy and dedication has been involved in these activities. It will not be easy to say goodbye to the two young German ladies tomorrow and let them go, and even they will not find it easy to leave the boys and girls in whose company they could teach and learn and enjoy learning mutually. The Neuwied-Matara-Friendship-Association is very glad to give young people the opportunity to represent Germany at the school when board members or other members of the association cannot be there. Those internships are not only meant to enrich the obligatory English lessons, but also refresh and expand the few German language skills that are still available sporadically – depending on the length of stay of the corresponding teachers.