Cleanliness first – finishing off with garbage problem

School premises of Anura College and Manthinda Temple School are the spot where more than 1000 students, numerous teachers and employees spend most of their day time. They should feel good there, and that is possible when classrooms, office rooms, corridors and school yards are kept clean and in good condition. You certainly can do that by carrying out these duties in turns, collecting rubbish and filling it in baskets and bags and storing everything in a safe place until it is removed by the urban service.

Maybe, it is a typical German virtue when our friendship association decides building a garbage-shed where filled bags can be kept and locked. It’s situated quite near a gate leading to the road where the waste collection service can get in. We provided more waste bins and bags, and we really hope that teachers and prefects can convince their colleagues and students that keeping their area clean makes sense, and that this will be an advantage for the whole school community.

The construction of the shed is finished now; there is a roof and a solid door which is securely tied to the wall. There are still some wooden braces that will remain until this anchorage has completely cured. Thanks to our Sri Lankan coordinator, Mr. Ruwan Abegunewardene, who supervised the work.

Our vice president, Mrs. Edeltrud Pinger, will check the new achievement in first half of September, and get an impression of how the school community makes use of it. When all of them, students, teachers, employees, administration….join, they all will certainly enjoy the “clean” result.