Big thanks to Mrs. Seibt, stationar-shop Hillesheim in Neuwied-Engers

It was a good idea and a really successful venture to ask for more donations that might help and please students in Matara. The stationar’s shop Hillesheim in Neuwied-Engers, run by Mrs. Seibt, turned out to be extremely generous donating lots of useful and handsome papers, pens, colour pencils.

Mrs. Seibt has been the heart of the little shop for many, many years. This is not the first time that she donates those objects generously from her stock of nice goods, older stock and even new and modern items. Students who like writing letters in English language to their godparents in Germany will be happy to receive those gifts. In some families parents and children would not be able to afford them.

There is lovely writing paper with drawings of dragons, dogs and rabbits, which can be offered to younger students; floral motives and ballerinas for older girls. In addition, there are normal, useful pencils, glittering pens for decoration and colourful folders to file school papers.

All these precious bits and pieces must be packed and transported to Matara. 30 kilos are permitted on the journey Frankfort – Colombo, and only a few t-shirts and other summer clothes cannot make up this weight. So, most of the things in the suitcase represent these gifts, other teaching material, individual presents for scholarship children from their German godparents, hundreds of pens that will be distributed to the students, some gifts for friends,…etc.

The suitcase is cram-full. As there are four members of Neuwied-Matara-Friendship-Association who will travel to Sri Lanka next Thursday, some of those things can be allocated to four suitcases. Tomorrow, the annual meeting of the board and all the members, will take place in Neuwied, and the agenda will consist of talking about the past year (new preschool at Anura College), the present (two young German teacher ladies, teaching German and English at Anura College and working at Rohana Special School in late February and March), and the future (support for needy scholarship children, providing more books for Anura library, teaching material for the science department or other departments.) The association will go on, and we all are very happy about the development – and sure enough, beneficiary schoolchildren will feel the same.