Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Neuwied-Matara-Friendship-Association

On Saturday January 20th, board and members met in Neuwied to look at the year 2017 in review and to inform the audience about all the activities and projects that could be accomplished in Matara schools, particularly at Anura College and Rohana Special School. The vice president, Mrs. Edeltrud Pinger reported about her two journeys in 2017 to Sri Lanka, the first one in accompany of the president, Mr. Mertgen, the treasurer Mrs. Herta Ries and her sister Mrs. Inge Martin.

With help of a PPP (power-point-presentation) she showed lots of pictures giving inside into innovations at Anura College, improvements, new scholarships, supporting measures with regard to the monsoon rain end of May/beginning of June 2017, building a new house for a very needy family, wood-carving project for deaf students at Rohana Special School and lots more.

The board members welcomed the new Lord Mayor of Neuwied, Mr. Jan Einig, and remembered his predecessor, Mr. Nikolaus Roth, who had travelled twice to Matara and had always supported the Friendship Association as a member and “god-parent”. He died on July 2nd and Neuwied-Matara-Friendship-Association will remember him with thankfulness and great appreciation.

The Protectress of our Association and in particular of Anura-Preschool, Princess Sophie of Neuwied, did us the honour of taking part in the meeting. She could be proud of seeing lots of improvements and good work with regard to the preschool children and the classroom, and the board members thanked her a lot for her generosity in supporting this project.

All guests, members and the board expressed their wish of continuing the useful work at these schools and particularly for the students’ sake. We all wish that the year 2018 will be as successful as the previous one. Let’s hope for it.

(Pictures can be seen in the German version – Press “Deutsch” on the top right side of this page.)