After three months’ visit in Germany, there are new tasks to fulfill in Sri Lanka

Our guest from Sri Lanka went back to her island and can help us now to look after our projects and  our scholarship students. Of course, we are doing a lot here to help her applying for a job in Germany. First, she will go on improving her knowledge of German by following German lessons at the Goethe-Institute in Colombo. We are keeping contact with companies and other places where she might get a job soon. We are sure that she will comply with requirements, considering her A-levels,  her IT-studies that she completed successfully and her traineeships. Besides, there is her knowledge, sharpness and intelligence and not to forget her ambition.

Today she met Vindya, one of our board members. She has been living in Germany for a long time, and is now visiting her home country on a short trip. They went to Anura College, and Ridmi hat some small presents for scholarship students. Vindya saw the Princess Sophie Pre School (PSPS) for the first time, she met one of our coordinating teachers, Mrs. Isha, while Ridmi tried to gather all the pieces of information she was asked  to find out by the vice president, Mrs. Pinger, with regard to the new scholarship children and others. It’s a big advantage to have a good co-operator on site. There was a nice gift for Mrs. Isha, a folder from Germany with data about all the scholarship students and more information that might serve to look well after them.

They could see and admire what has been done during the last weeks: new tiles in the preschool, conservation and maintenance of the buildings, optical improvements by nice paintings, inner protection coating of the roof at the preschool to reduce the impact of hot sun…, a lot of things that could be done during the holidays with the help of donations from the Neuwied-Matara-Friendship-Association. Looks nice, is appropriate and beneficial.