13 years ago! – Terrible tsunami causes start of our work in Matara

Second Christmas Day in Germany – 13th commemoration of the terrible tsunami in Sri Lanka and round the Indian Ocean on that day in 2004.

There are very sad memories for our Srilankan guest, and we try to find an occasion of remembering important and beloved people by visiting a Buddhist Centre and a Christian church in Koblenz to find an outlet for strong emotions.

Although this Buddhist building is closed today, we can enter into that wonderful little garden next to the house and meditate for some minutes in front of a Buddha statue and think of those Ridmi had lost by this catastrophe and others who were badly affected.

On our way back, we stopped at Koblenz and visited a big church that was nicely decorated for Christmas celebrations. We saw the nativity scene with shepherds, sheep, angels and the Holy family illustrating the birth of Jesus Christ as described in the Bible. We even lit some candles just to think of beloved relatives.