100 monsoon-affected families supported by German friends

Lots of Matara inhabitants and from the surroundings were struck by monsoon-floods end of May. Several feet of water penetrating into houses and huts and remaining there for several days, flooded roads and destroyed interior]fittings, all this is a real disaster for hundreds of families. Most of them had to find shelter at friends’ or other family members’ houses. There were even reception camps at Rahula College and other places. It will take some time and cost lots of money to clean, repair, reconstruct and come back to normal.


Neuwied-Matara Friendship Association was quick off the mark, informed friends and members, published about the desaster in local newspapers and raised funds. Finally there was the result of 3.000 €. We asked Anura college administration to find out about the number of affected families of students and tell us about the situation. First messages talked about 60 – 80 affected families. But we were aware of the fact that there would be more in the end.


30 Euro does not seem much to Europeans as a financial support in such a miserable situation, but 5,000 Rupees can be a considerable sum of money in Sri Lanka that might help needy families to improve their situation a little bit. So, we got into contact with Mrs. Sakunthala, who is a sister of our board member Mrs. Vindya. She was ready to travel from Colombo to Matara to hand over our donations to the affected children and their parents. We had transferred the money to her account. She bought some envelopes to put the money in and prepared the receipts that had to be signed after receiving the money by the parents.


Parents and children were invited on Monday, June 19th, on the occasion of the late High priest’s passing away, one year ago in June 2016. He really would have appreciated our support in the same way as the present High priest did who gave us his big thanks.


Finally there was the big moment of being given the envelope by Mrs. Sakunthala, her husband or by the Venerable High Priest, Tissamaharamaye Indananda Himi Thero, himself. Joy and thankfulness was expressed by the children going down on their knees after receiving the donation.


On that list of monsoon-affected families, there were 178 names meanwhile. We only were able to take 100 families into account, and we will go on to collect more money, which is not that easy at the moment. We are thankful from the bottom of our hearts – certainly together with those who received assistance – for the given help and wish so much that some more people will open their hearts and wallets. Big thanks – Bohome istuti!